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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by wstohner, Oct 27, 2006.

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    Apr 20, 2004
    Because of numerous kernel panics with my less than 3 day old MBP, Apple decided to replace it. I sent it back last Friday; they received it Monday morning. Yesterday(Thursday), I contacted the apple rep with whom I've been working. She explained that she requested my new computer on Monday, but it had yet to ship. Unfortunately, it looks like it didn't ship today either. The letter I received with my FedEx tag said 2-4 days, so I'm wondering what's going on. Also, I have no idea what they're going to send me, a refurb, a new CD, or a new C2D (which might explain the delay?). Anyway, I was wondering about others experiences with replacement computers. How quickly did you receive yours? Was it a refurb/new? Did they send you a tracking number when it shipped? Thanks!

    Clarification - I was under the impression that the replacement mbp would ship overnight. In fact, the Apple rep wanted me to email her the tracking number as soon as I shipped the computer so that once fedex picked it up she could place the order for the replacement.
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    They will send you out a brand new replacement model. You must've not been firm with them. Don't play around and beat around the bush, say what you want with full confidence. You payed good money for your machine and you deserve a defect free perfect machine. You shouldn't have agreed for the standard shipping in the first place. When my Macbook crapped on me I called apple and made them ship out a replacement model with overnight shipping. I called them on monday and had the new macbook in my hand by tuesday afternoon.

    So, if it still hasn't shipped, ring them up and demand they ship it immediately through overnight delivery. You have a right to it.

    EDIT: Also, I DID NOT send the defective product back to Apple. I made them send me out a new one right away and only sent in the defective product back once I recieved the new one. The only thing they said to that was if they deem the old one I send back in as un-defective, I will be charged a $400 replacement fee.
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    Mar 18, 2006
    I am getting a new replacement MBP C2D 2.33ghz model as a replacement for my MBP 256VRAM CD. My case was on going and i made a complaint about my MBP a while ago. I was promised a new model BTO and not a refurbished model.
    Well Apple shipped me out the wrong new model and i received that a day before the launch so the wrong one had to go back. I am using the incorrect model that i was sent until my new C2D arrives. I had the middle model Feb-May edition MBP 2.0ghz, 256vram and the 100GB 7,200RPM MBP and i received the 2.0ghz, 512ram, 128vram, 100GB 5,400RPM. It has all worked out in my favour though.
    I emailed the person who was dealing with me and asked them for confirmation of what i will be receiving now and they phoned me back and told me that i will be receiving a C2D model 2,33ghz, 120GB with 2GB of ram. I would not have been happy if i had received the 2.16 128vram C2D so i really needed to know plus i was curious as well.

    I am trying to get them to put my old drive back which was the 7,200RPM drive or pay extra for the 160GB drive because i do not really want the slower drive although i am happy with my upgrade.

    They should replace your CD model with a brand new C2D model. Your model is only 3 days old. If they don't well you could ask for your money back as you will still be within the 14 day time frame.

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