Replacement HD for 1GHz G4 iMac?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by 311 Fan Boy, Nov 4, 2009.

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    Nov 4, 2009
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    Woohoo, my first post!

    Hey all, I have a 2004(ish) 1Ghz G4 iMac (the one with the goose neck) and the hard drive went bad. I know this because I had someone look at it and recover data off the drive. Anyway, I think this is my only problem, and I would like to replace the drive and get the iMac back up and running. My problem is that I have NO IDEA what drive to buy to put in this machine, particularly when I look at all the models listed on the internet...seems super confusing. Can someone give me some guidance?

    The drive that came out of the iMac is 4 inches wide, almost 6 inches long, and almost an inch high. Some of the text on the drive is: "Barracuda ATA V" "Model: ST380023A" "80GB S2ATA 655T1099" and "Seagate".

    As you can tell, the previous HD size was 80 GB, but I don't care what capacity I put back in it...I don't store much on the machine and will mainly use it to browse the web. Also, this will be my secondary machine so I don't want to put much money into it.

    Bonus Question: I want to modify this iMac to put in a blue, red, or green lighted fan in (look it up on eBay to see how cool it looks with the light emitting from the top of the dome). If you can tell me what the fan specs are, that would be appreciated too!

    THANK YOU!!!
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    You should be able to goto your nearest BestBuy or similar and get a Parallel IDE drive. Sometimes called a PATA or EIDE. Basically not a SATA or Serial ATA. The Serial ATA is what most (All) new computers use.

    I think I saw a 320 gig for about 70 bucks.
    Could also go online to like
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    welcome to macrumors!!

    yup as has been said, an IDE or PATA hard drive will be perfect. go for a western digital drive, seagate isnt that good atm.
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    Nov 4, 2009
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    Cool, thanks guys!! close this out, does anyone have thoughts on the bonus question?:cool:
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    had to google but i found following info

    fan inside is a special 92mm 12V fan . it has sideflow normal fans dont have a sideflow and it has a special connector ,

    but as there are the plugs for hdd /cdrom so you could fit leds inside
    and keep the fan , as then you would have the posibility to fit one led between every two holes on the top and also fit some at the bottom so the iMac would glow in the dark , but always remember you dont want to block the holes with leds so leave enough space

    and make sure if you fit a led fan that the little iMac gets enough cooling or you wil regret the mod very quickly .. there must be a reason they took a fan with sideflow , everything gets cooled and not only the middle , so by replacing with a ordinary fan you might leave some parts with unefficient cooling and overheating

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