Replacement iPhone Unlocked?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by blairh, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Dec 11, 2007
    Just had my iPhone replaced by iPhone. It was unlocked by AT&T prior to having it replaced. I called AT&T with my new IMEI number and they confirmed that the iPhone just given to me by Apple is unlocked.

    So if you bring an unlocked iPhone to Apple and they replace it, it's also unlocked? The genius that replaced my iPhone said I would need to request an unlock from AT&T, but I wanted to be sure before doing so.

    Also I checked the warranty on my replacement iPhone and it's one year from today. I was happily surprised. Is this a known fact too?
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    Technically, all replacement iPhones for AT&T can be unlocked (even if under a contract or Next payment plan). The reason being is, the Next plan and contract is tied to the IMEI number. When you get a replacement, its no longer rate same IMEI number so all you have to do is put it into AT&T's unlock request system and it will immediately process it (whether its locked or not).
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    When Apple replaces a phone with another the new phone will have the same unlock status as the old one. After all it's Apple that controls the unlock status and not AT&T or other provider.
    The warranty normally is 90 days or the original warranty whichever is longer.
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    The iPhone that was replaced had a warranty of October 7 2017. This replacement iPhone lists August 8 2018.
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    It's not that simple. AT&T denied my unlock request with my last iPhone because I didn't have 6 months of service with that specific model, even though online it states that pertains to gophone/pre-paid customers, which I'm not, I'm post-paid. I had to call them and request an unlock which was granted days later to get it unlocked.
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    I always thought it was the carrier who controlled the unlocking and not Apple.
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    Apple does technical side of unlocking. But only carrier has access to Apple unlocking servers.
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    The replacement iPhone warranty will more than likely change to October 7th within 24 hours. I had the same thing happen with a replacement iPhone which showed a new one year warranty but then reverted to the original expiration date of the phone it replaced within a day.
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