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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by micmac95, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Apr 22, 2010
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    Hi guys,

    I have a Mid-2009 model MacBook Pro (2.26GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, Nvidia 9400m), that I purchased in January 2010. I have the 3 year AppleCare extended warranty that runs out in about 9 months. Throughout the course of owning this laptop, I have had a multitude of issues with it. I am up to my 4th logic board, and have had my screen replaced, as well as my Airport and Bluetooth cards (which I am still having intermittent issues with), and my battery is saying "Condition: Replace Soon". When talking to my Service Technician (who works for the company Mac1), he mentioned the possibility of Apple replacing the whole machine. After a little looking around, I have come across quite a few stories of people having Apple replace their MacBooks with new models if they have had 3 major repairs done. What would be the best way to propose this to Apple (On the phone to Apple Care, In an Apple store etc.), and how would you recommend handling the conversation.

    Any tips?
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    Just ask, referencing the number of major repairs it has had.
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    The battery is probably not covered, but your other intermittent issues would be. It might be easier to start the process on the Phone unless you can go in to the store when it's not too crowded.

    It might be good to write up a list of repairs and dates to have it on a single piece of paper for easy reference. Include the ongoing issues on that page.
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    Aug 22, 2010
    Be boringly redundant in your conversation with the folks at the Apple store. By that I mean just be pleasant, courteous, and firm. Always bring the conversation back to "I feel a replacement would be fair" in light of all the repair attempts, travel back and forth, lost usage of MBP, etc....

    Also, don't be afraid to politely ask for the next guy up the chain. Remember the name of each and every person you even briefly discuss your issue with. It will help when you can rattle off 8-10 names of Apple employees in that email or conversation.

    I speak from experience. It worked for me with a similar problem as yours.
  5. micmac95 thread starter macrumors newbie

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    Just an update on how it's going. I called AppleCare yesterday, and explained my situation, as being in Year 12, I am unable to have my laptop sent off for any amount of time for repairs I believe a replacement is the best option. He seemed to agree with me, and went to check with his senior advisor. When he came back, he said I just needed to run the Apple Hardware Test to prove that there were issues at this very moment (as they said they won't replace a computer if it is working completely fine). I ran the tests and they kept freezing up after about 8 minutes. I called AppleCare again, and asked to be put straight on to the senior technician, and when explaining this to him, he started looking into a replacement for me. Now he said to me that as I haven't had 4 major repairs (I have only had 3), he himself cannot authorise the replacement, so he has put a referral on my case number to go straight to customer relations when I call up later today. It is looking hopeful! :D
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    Thats awesome based on the number of repairs that you have had a replacement is warranted for sure. I hope all works out, you may be getting a nice new 2011 MBP!
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    Call Apple Care. They have more say for replacement than the physical store.

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