Price Advice Replacement SATA Cable for 13" Unibody

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    I'm in a country/city with no Apple Store to speak of, and plan on being here for quite some time. Having experienced a combination of the "Flashing Question-Mark Folder" and "No Entry Sign" utterly out of the blue yesterday, I proceeded to run the litany of boots and start-ups recommended throughout the net with nothing to show for it. The hard disc was completely unreadable, disc utility etc. would not work at all. Having given up hope I proceeded to take the computer in to the only known official reseller (, and they determined that the the unreadability of the hard drive stemmed from a faulty internal connecting cable. They have offered to replace it for $86. I've checked this piece of hardware out online, and have found that it costs about $50 on ifixit -- presumably prior to shipping. Am hoping/would appreciate it if someone can advise me on whether this seemingly inflated cost is utterly unreasonable or, more or less, my best bet.
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    If the part would cost $50, then they are charging $36 to fix it (of course, they may get the part for less, which means that they are charging more than $36 to fix it). That doesn't seem unreasonable if you don't want to fix it yourself. The question that you have to ask yourself (and not did he fire five times or six times) is whether you would feel comfortable opening up the computer and replacing the cable yourself.

    Fortunately for me, I have a cMP and opening it up is merely flipping a latch and removing the side panel. I only do things that I have a high confidence level that a high level amateur can do. Beyond that, I leave it to the pros.
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    This is one of the easiest repairs on the machine to do. Give it a go. Just be careful with the cable, pretty delicate.

    Source - Ex apple genius
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    Here's the deal (IMHO), what if he is wrong? You buy the cable and it doesn't fix your problem? If he does it, it's his loss. You do it, you are out the $50+shipping, and still not sure what the problem is. To me, $36 is worth it just not to have to worry about the "what if's" especially if he can get your MBP back up and running faster than the time it will take for the part to arrive to me.

    This is just my .02 worth. To me $36 isn't a lot of money and wouldn't have even been worth my time coming to Macrumors to ask the question... But again, we all have our own opinions and financial situations.

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