Replacement Screen Expectations?

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    I dropped my iPhone 7 Plus earlier today and shattered the screen. I have a squaretrade warranty and when I learned the Apple Store didn't have an appointment that I could make until early next week I decided to go to another "authorized" repair center that Squaretrade had listed on their site. I'm not happy with the outcome for a couple of reasons so I wanted to get some opinions on what my expectations should be when getting a shattered screen replaced:

    1) The biggest issue is that the colors are slightly washed out on the new screen. I noticed it immediately and confirmed when I compared to my wife's iphone when I got home. I went back to the shop and they said it takes several days for the screen to "Adjust". I think that's crap and they used a cheap knockoff to fix my phone but what say you?

    2) Even though I dropped my phone and the screen shattered it was still in a case and the body has always been in mint condition. When I got the phone back today I noticed scratch marks on the top left and bottom right corners where I think the repair person used a tool to pry off the old screen. Both of these corners now have bright chrome aluminium shining brightly against the black body of the phone. Each scratch is several millimeters long and based on the position it's pretty obvious it's from whatever tool they used. My question here is it reasonable to expect the screen to be replaced without scratching the body of the phone itself in this manner?

    Rough day on the iPhone front for this guy :( I'm either going to call Squaretrade and inquire about possibly processing a replacement device or pay Apple to replace the screen again but I'll still be stuck with the scratches in that scenario.
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    I wouldn't pay for a replacement until you exhaust all avenues via squartrade.

    The replacement screen should be no different than original screen.

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