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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Appl3FTW, Nov 19, 2014.

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    Nov 15, 2012
    if you buy a locked tmobile phone and was able to unlock it thru tmobile, can you get a replacement Unlocked tmobile phone from the apple store if its still under warranty? what im trying to say is, lets say you bought a phone that was originally locked and under warranty, will apple replace it with an unlocked version since you've already unlocked the original?
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    While I've not done it myself, I've seen many people post here that the unlock status follows to a replacement phone. If you warranty exchange a locked phone you get a locked phone, if you warranty exchange an unlocked phone you get an unlocked phone.
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    The replacement gets the same exact carrier lock or unlock properties as the phone you're handing in.
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    You get what you had, but something different happened to me. My friend gave me his old 5 when he got a 6 and we tried for a week to get it unlocked. The carrier gave him the WORST runaround and nonsense.

    I use Straight Talk and needed it to be unlocked but I noticed the glass was lifting so I took it to Apple store and they opened it to find the battery was swelling

    They replaced it free out of warranty with a refurb (practically new). I asked if the new one was unlocked. The lady looked the item up and the system said no BUT that as soon as I activated a different carrier, it would be unlocked. Not sure how that worked but it did.

    I'm not sure if they all come like that or what but I put the new sim from ST in, activated according to instructions and got a buttload of errors on the ST site. Next morning it had filtered through the system and is now an unlocked phone.

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