Replacing 3GS back housing problem


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Nov 30, 2011
Hi everyone,

After watching several videos and reading up on how to replace the back housing for a 3GS, I finally decided to try it myself since my old one was severely damaged, particularly around the buttons and charging hole.

I've managed to get everything apart but I had no idea everything was lightly hanging onto it each other. A couple of the parts have fallen off other parts while I was removing them from the case.

The photo below shows what I'm having trouble with...

Exactly where do these go?



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Nov 30, 2011
The part on the right is the retaining clip that sits on top of the camera
held down by a 2.3 mm screw. The part on the left is off the mute button, that sits between the mute housing and volume switch. The clip that stands up, with the hole in it, needs to be under the third screw of the volume switch. Need more help, just ask
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