Replacing a 2008 Samsung GX-10 kit with?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by NStocks, Aug 13, 2012.

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    So I haven't posted here in a very long time! I have a Samsung GX-10 (Pentax K10D clone) with a 18-55mm, 50-200mm and Pentax 50mm Macro Lens.

    I'm thinking of changing my whole kit, depending on cost because I no longer feel that I have a super high quality camera. Ok, Macro lens is excellent but in general, compared to todays cameras, mine isn't very good. (in some cases an iPhone 4S beats the overall quality!)

    This is a impulse thread really after looking at pixelmator's website and realising how far PS has come also. I particular like the tilt-shift effect and the fact that I'm also getting a RetinaMBP this week and plan on spending some of my summer in Landscape/Architecture/Flora Photography.

    Here's the question: In todays market, who, in general is the most sought after company to go with in terms of camera quality, lens avaliability and pricing? I'm thinking Nikon but like I say, I haven't delved into it that much... My camera is 10Mega pixels; what is todays 'standard' resolution, although the sensor and many other things have dramatically improved.

    My kit as posted above cost me around £1,000. (and I see the Pentax lens is still around £400!) How likley is it that I can get a good body, macros lens and 18-55mm Lens for under £800?

    I know this is a very open and somewhat vague post, but I'm looking for ballpark ideas really.

    Just to add something else to the mix, how much could I expect to sell my kit for in the UK, taking into account it is in very, very good condition.

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    Canada, Eh?
    A nice kit would cost with your required lens would cost just about £1,000 or maybe more.
    Macro lens for DSLR are pretty expensive. Where I'm at, Macro lens for Canon starts from about £250 to about £1000. And £2880 for a leica macro lens!

    Canon and Nikon, doesnt really matter. Just go in and try.
    1. Ergonomics
    2. Picture quality/colour(which one you like more)
    3. Price

    For me, Nikon's model name somehow confuses me. For Canon, xD(where x is a number) series are 'for professionals, according to Canon'. xxD is the prosumer series. xxxD is for the enthusiasts series. xxxxD is for amateurs.

    And for Nikon, comparing three models, the D300s, D7000 and D90, where the D7000 is in between, D300s is professional, and D90 lower than D7000.(yes yes i know, the D90 was released 2 years before the D7000, but i never seem to understand the model number vs level of photographer(according to their website).

    Good luck!

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