Replacing a dying graphics card :(

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    Apr 24, 2010
    You can skip the stuff in blue if you like, it is pretty much just explaining what went wrong with my mac and my attempts to fix it, my main question is at the bottom.

    Hi, I bought a mac pro back in early 2008 and it has worked perfectly until recently, when I believe it started to suffer from kernel panic (a grey screen during boot up telling me to restart my computer) I ran a fsck after being advised to do so and it managed to boot up once or twice before failing again, I also re-installed my os from the startup disk, but this again only let me boot up a couple of times.

    My bootcamp partition has blue dots on the screen during the boot up but they disappear after logging on. The windows side however said that there was a problem with the graphics card, so i took it out and cleaned it, then put it back in and re-installed the drivers for it in bootcamp. this allowed it to boot up fine in windows and mac os' for a day before it started getting kernel panics again.

    It took it to the mac store and they said they agreed that it was the graphics card that was causing the problems, they also said that they could fix it. But as my Mac is out of warranty and i am a student i dont have 400 pounds to spare, and i was hopping to replace it myself.

    So my two questions are:
    1: do you agree that it is my graphics card that is the problem
    2: If so what graphics cards are compatible with Mac Pro's
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    Dec 10, 2008
    Yes, sounds like it is

    After reading Q&As, GT 120 should be compatible but only in your PCIe 2.0 slot. It's the cheapest option but I recommend ATI 4870

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