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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by X5-452, Jun 8, 2011.

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    So, I'm running an original RevA Core Duo MacBook that's all the way from 2006. This machine has been an absolute work horse for me. I bought it for college and it survived being moved around every single day. It survived getting new RAM and a larger hard drive. It survived getting the logic board replaced after I dropped it. It survived getting the battery replaced after it was left to sit in alcohol during a (somewhat) out of control party in my 2nd year. It survived the death of MJ, a royal wedding and the capture of Osama.

    In short: it's had a nice, long life.

    However, the airport card in it has gone kablooey. It's been a little rough the last few months with frequent disconnects and connection time outs. I know the card itself is gone because my iPhone, iPad and my sisters iMac all use the same network with no issues. That, and I dual boot, and Windows 7 can't access the Internet either.

    I'm waiting to get a new Mac anyway (waiting for the new MacBook Air I think), but in the meantime I'm thinking of getting the airport card replaced. Truthfully, the machine continues to run like nothing is wrong. It still does everything I need from it (I'm not intensive), and can probably keep going for another year or 2.

    So, does any one have any experience having their card replaced?? Is it expensive?? Did you see any marked improvement or am I just throwing money away in this case??

    I want to do it, but if anyone has any real life experiences doing it I'm all ears.
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    Easy enough to do but it may be the wiring that is chaffed/broken in the hinge area.

    The Core Duo Airport cards esp the Atheros ones do suffer from poor connections and drop-outs.

    Probably worth changing the card - instructions on (basically just removing the topcase and you will see the card - 2 screws to remove and pop off the aerial leads - and buy a better card on eBay - maybe $10 US. Go for an N card if you are running 10.5 or 10.6.

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