Replacing bottom case of iBook G3

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by joiedevivre, Aug 18, 2006.

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    Aug 18, 2006
    I went through all the steps to change the optical drive on an old 500 MHz iBook G3, but am unable to attach the bottom case. The problem is the two long (20mm) screws near the back of the computer -- each apparently has to insert into something that looks like a gold-colored nut with serrated edges, like gears, otherwise the screws just rotate in place and don't "lock up." I'll attach a picture, but my only digital camera until I borrow one from a friend is my cell phone, so the pic won't be too good. The gold pieces fell out during the disassembly process and I can't figure out where they now go.

    Thanks for help anyone can provide, and let me know if I'm not being clear enough.

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    Aug 10, 2005
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the gold serrated nuts you have there should actually be held fast inside the ibook. If you have a look where the screws land you will see what I can best describe as a molded plastic nubbin on top of which those gold fastenings should be held captive as part of the molding. What you will probably see is a cracked or broken head to the nubbin where the gold fastening has been ripped out. It there is just a crack you may be able to fix the gold hut back in with some epoxy glue. If its completely broken you may have to go for a new case half.
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    Aug 18, 2006
    Thanks for the replies. In fact I don't see anywhere on the inside of the bottom case that looks broken, or that is the correct size/shape to hold the gold serrated pieces.

    At the rear of the case, where the long screws insert (top two circles in the iFixit pic below), are two long plastic extensions of the case; however, their ends are not the right diameter for the gold pieces nor do they look broken at all (they have clean, flat tops). Also, I don't see how putting the gold pieces at the end of those extensions would attach the case to the underlying metal framework of the iBook.

    Would pictures of the inside of the case help here? Perhaps I should try to borrow a friend's camera.

  5. joiedevivre thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 18, 2006
    If no one remembers these details or is about to take apart an iBook, do you have any ideas where else I might ask this question? Thanks!

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