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    is it worth it for the 3gs? Basically I pushed the lock button in (don't ask why Im super pissed at myself) and now it still works except you have to press hard and its annoying.(the whole part is pshed in btw) What's the chance Ill ruin the phone completely taking it apart? Theres a place that does it for 60 bucks but considering how much ive already spent on cases its really not worth it. And whats the best place to buy a replacement housing?

    Also I have 50+ iphone 3gs cases. Im thinking of selling all of them but I have no ebay selling experience. Would it be a good idea to put all 50+ in one sale and do a bid or sell them seperately for buy it now? Thanks for your help.
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    Just Pouring it Out.

    To be honest I would advise you to go to a professional to get the housing replace. I repair iPhones then sell them and specifically the iPhone 3GS right now, so I now what I'm talking about.
    However it is very possible to fix it yourself but you would have to follow YouTube videos exactly and they have a 10-20% vagueness to them.

    Also be careful if you want to buy replacement housings from eBay and online just about all of them are counterfeits from China (I'm not certain on that but I'm pretty sure on this. I've bought so many and every single one has been a copy) some are good quality and some are bad quality. Also it is illegal to knowingly purchase counterfeit items.

    The best place to buy replacement housing is WHAT ME MYSELF AM TRYING TO FIND OUT. I HAVE SEARCHED EVERYWHERE AND I HAVE NOT FOUND ONE PERSON SELLING AN ORIGINAL APPLE IPHONE REPLACEMENT HOUSING. But I will say try an Apple Certified Technician like TechRestore or iResQ (just Google them) they can do the repair but Im almost certain that they do not have ORIGINAL PARTS.

    If you said that you only pushed in the lock button then you would not need to replace the mute/power button. All you would have to do is realign it. There are few small screws used to install this component and if you don't have the right TOOLS and don't know what to do you will probably mess up. Plus you have to open the phone up. I nearly died on my first attempt at fixing a 3G.

    Seriously though it is very doable for your first attempt just try to follow the YouTube videos as best as possible (remember 10-20% vagueness). And your tools should almost certainly be magnetized its critical.

    Concerning the eBay cases I would sell 1 at a time but let buyers know that there is more than 10 available that way people can just continue to buy them until all 50 is gone. Pictures basically sell your product on eBay make sure you have clear pictures and you may just sell all of them.

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    The damage is actually to the case itself also and not Just the lock button. It doens't matter now tho cuz to fix it and replace the case is actually gonna cost 100 bucks + (apple store 200+). I'm just gonna wait for the iphone 5 seeing how the phone is still useable just annoying when pressing the lock. I looked at videos and although it seems somewhat "straightforward" I'm aware that problems can occur if your not careful so not really worth the trouble. Thanks alot anyways for the helpful reply, I appreciate it :)

    ie. How much will my phone still be worth when I sell it on ebay? Basically screen is scratchless, the rest of the phone besides normal scratch and wear is fine. Really only the chrome is a bit scratched other than that there is no clearly visible damage to the face. The button is pushed in and the bit of the case in front of the lock button is also broken. (still useable) The phone itself is in perfect condition besides asthetics. I see phones going for parts that sell for more than 150 easily. Perhaps it will be worth it to pay to get it fixed if I can get a lot more for it?

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