Replacing iCloud drive and photo library workflow with onedrive

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by ckny, Oct 25, 2014.

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    The new iCloud drive and iCloud photo library is a very appealing concept to me. But storage remains pricey compared to the competition. If I could share iCloud drive with family it would be a no brainer but as it stands, my wife and I would both need to subscribe to the higher tier and get less storage than one drive with 365 annual subscription.

    So the question is - any suggestions on apps that will allow me to keep my photos in one drive (I'll use auto upload from my iPhone) and manage photos from a mac? I want to be able to access the same photos in one drive from multiple macs/iphones/ipads and access the libraries and sync changes I make on either.

    I suppose essentially I need to replace iPhoto/aperture on mac with an app that will allow me to store my library in one cloud and replace on my phone and iPad with apps that will access that same library.

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    Way back when Apple started with file storage I've always used an external drive and backed my photos to DVDr. I'm glad I did because I have a 32Bit Mac and 64Bit Mac.
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    So the mac app for onedrive won't do what you need? I turned off icloud photo library and am using the onedrive on my iphone to auto upload photos. I have windows (for at least a few more months) but am using the onedrive app on it.

    Onedrive for mac

    Did you notice ms announced today they are upgrading office 365 subscribers to unlimited storage? It was already the best deal out there for storage alone.
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    But then you have to buy into the MS world view. Now that I am retired, we are MS free and plan to stay that way. ;)

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