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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Tom R, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Oct 13, 2009
    Currently "limping" along with mid-2010 MBP 17". Turbo tax informed me 2018 Turbo Tax will not work with my MBP as it requires more current version of operating software. After looking at choices...MBP 15"/Mac Air 13"/MBP 13" and even the new Mac Mini

    I was prepared to get a 15" MBP due primarily to screen size. Not sure if it makes sense to buy MBP 15" until Apple clarifies the "hinge issue" and repair choices??

    Most uses are attached to a separate monitor with screen closed when at one of two working locations. It often does not move for 4-6 weeks at a time. I have been delaying hoping they deleted the extra row of "keys" added at the top...of little/no interest to me.

    Not sure what to turn to now?

    MBP 13"...Probably the same hinge issue as the 15"?

    MB Air...would work but probably prefer the size and features of the MBP...especially the screen size when not "docked" at one of my permanent locations. Might make sense to try one as I think it would have other uses between my wife and I if I decided I "needed" something more capable?

    Mac Mini would work but would not solve the portable portable use part at all...and would need to set up a third monitor/docking set-up for winter use (in warm climate :)

    BTW...would love an I Mac if I only used at one location.

    Since I changed from Microsoft platform in 2009 when I purchased a 2009 MBP 17" for my wife. I have not looked back and strongly prefer to not even consider going back to Microsoft.

    Maybe the Mac Air would serve my purpose for a period of time until I either determine I "really" need something with larger screen when not docked...or maybe find I don't really need the 15" or the other features of the MBP 15"? Need to confirm whether the monitor connection cable has an adapter that would work with new MB Air?

    I assume no comment yet from Apple on the hinge issue? I am guessing/hoping that they will both have a fix going forward and a repair program for 2016-2018...maybe?

    Thanks...Tom R

    P.S. Perhaps trying to do too many things with one unit? The 17" has served me very well for about 9 years now and has to be changed. Thanks for any advice...Tom R
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    What else do you use your Mac for? If you just need to run Turbo Tax (and other 'office productivity' software) while connected to a large display then the old-model MacBook Air (still on sale new - or second hand/refurb) would be more than good enough.

    Also, why do you want a 15" screen if, as you say, you mostly use an external display? You can get a lot of screen "real estate" with even a 13" retina screen if you can cope with slightly smaller print. However, Its a weakness of Apple's range that you can't get a larger screen for "office productivity"/DTP without also paying a premium for quad core processors and dGPUs.

    I think that the "hinge issue", "keyboard issue" etc. are just risks that you'll have to take if you buy a MacBook Anything - any re-design is likely to have its own issues as long as Apple sticks to its "a computer can never be too thin" obsession. They probably get slightly over-hyped here - that doesn't mean that they're acceptable on Apple's premium-priced hardware, but as long as the only alternative is "switch to Windows", what are you gonna do?

    The current iMac is a solid machine and relatively good value (if you value the 5k display) - there's no way to put a positive spin on the fact that it hasn't been updated to 8th-gen processors, though - and while it seems likely that it will get an update sometime in 2019 there's no way to be sure. If you need a new Mac now its a known quantity.

    The Mac Mini offers good CPU options - but you need to decide whether you're going to need an external GPU and storage (which somewhat defeat the object of having such a tiny computer - which might otherwise be viable for 'commuting' between desks).

    You might want to consider whether something like:

    - New iMac + iPad
    - New iMac + your old MacBook Pro
    - New iMac + used/refurb Air

    ... would fit your way of working (if it doesn't, it doesn't).
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