Replacing my cell plan with Touch/Skype and prepaid cell

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by WolfgangK, Jul 31, 2009.

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    After reading this piece by David Pogue of the NYT, I've finally decided to stop bending over for the big 4 carriers.

    My wife and I have Verizon, but me and my lowly Razr are out of the contract now, and we RARELY even come close to using the minutes on our plan. I'm thinking of going down to a pre-paid kinda Verizon plan so I still have coverage in case of emergencies, or my wife's grocery store runs. (like what, a few times a month, if that???) If I jump off our plan, she pays $30-40 less on our monthly cell phone bill.

    I'm thinking of picking up a new Touch when they release in the next few months, and going with a $2.95 Skype subscription. I already have wi-fi at home, and at work, where I make most of my "conversation" calls...when I do get a call from a friend or relative on the go, most often I will not answer and call back at a more convenient time to talk anyway.

    With the new iPod, Skype subscription(unlimited calls to landlines and cells in the U.S. is a no-brainer, for $2.95/month!!!), and the prepaid cell, averaging about what, $10-15/month...a year of phone service would cost about $500. Subtract the cost of the iPod, and you're down to $200-$250.

    I'm wondering why I didn't do this like last week. Is this crazy? Anyone doing something similar?

    I also have no experience with the quality of a call using Skype and the iPod Touch, is it good?
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