Replacing my PC i7 Quad Core with an iMac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Razeus, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Razeus macrumors 603

    Jul 11, 2008
    I miss my Macbook Pro and sort of regret giving it to my sister for law school. Since I was done with grad school, I really didn't use it much as I just used my desktop PC when I was in school and now that I have an iPad, I use that for light browsing, music listening and reading while in the couch. What I miss most was the trackpad. Though it's not available on the iMac, using other people's PC laptops is just wrong. Plus I simply miss iPhoto for my general photography (nothing on the PC compares) and iMovie is very nice. But that's another topic.

    Ok, so I'm in the market to sell my PC and parts that are worth more detached from the PC on eBay and using the funds to get an iMac. I know for my living space, I'm going to have to go with a 21.5 inch. But I can't decide on the $1100 with the 9400M GPU/500GB hard drive or the $1500 one with Radeon 4870 GPU/1TB hard drive.

    Hard drive is neglible since I can use external drives for my vast music and movie collection (they are internally on hard drives in my PC now). So my question is how much better is the ATI gpu over the Nvidia one?
  2. TMRaven macrumors 68020


    Nov 5, 2009
    I'd recommend the 4670 over the 9400m.

    I wish they came with 4870.

    You might find the magic mouse to be an even better experience than the trackpads on macbooks-- at least I do. You get the handy scrolling a mouse can provide, plus all the multitouch features.
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    Dec 10, 2008
    If you don't do any gaming, the 9400M is just fine. That 400$ can be better spent on something else

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