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Jul 30, 2007
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Someone PM'd me a few days ago, asking me to describe my experience with oleophobic coatings I had discussed in the forums in the past. I ended up combing through my order history, going back all the way to 2008 (!) and put a list together, with notes, about each of the products I've tried over the years. Just thought it might be of interest to others. :) Here's a list of all of the stuff I've tried:

Crystal Coat:
Expensive but large bottle. Works fairly well, but requires four days (DAYS!!) to cure, making it impractical for a daily driver. Also, the spray coverage is way too wide - there’s quite a bit of overspray unless you hold the bottle less than an inch from the screen, but then the quantity of liquid applied is way too much. I think this product is intended more for larger surfaces than small devices.

Makes the screen very slick, but doesn’t help that much with fingerprints, and doesn’t seem to last more an a couple of days.

Proteger coating:
Total waste of money. No (or at least, minimal) effect.

ProGuard Fluorine Coating:
Minimal effect. Waste of money.

OAKLEY Nano-Clear Hydrophobic Pen:
Great for glasses, not so great for iPhones. Makes screen feel smoother (easier to slide finger, etc) but doesn’t really help with fingerprint collection or cleaning.

Great for cleaning, but does not leave any oleophobic coating. Also, seems to strip whatever oleophobic coating is left on the device (once you start using this stuff, the screen seems to collect fingerprints faster than ever)

The only oleophobic coating I’ve tried that actually works, although it doesn’t work as well as the factory coating (probably 70-80% as effective) and doesn’t last very long, either - maybe a week, at the most. Requires eight hours to fully cure.

To summarize, the last two (Whoosh! and Fusso) are the only ones I recommend, but Whoosh is only for cleaning - and is quite good at it - but doesn’t leave an oleophobic coating, in fact, it seems to remove whatever oleophobic coating remains on your screen. Fusso is a great way to restore the oleophobic coating, but is only 70-80% as effective as the stock coating, and doesn’t last nearly as long - only a week or so, vs. a month (give or take) for a brand new device. And it’s quite expensive - basically I only use it for my Apple Watch (5-10 drops, and I let them coat the screen without wiping it at all, then I let it sit overnight). If you use Fusso on the iPhone (or worse, an iPad) you’ll probably only get 4-5 applications per bottle, making it a very expensive treatment.

Please feel free to comment on any products you guys have tried, and their effectiveness. I'd also love to hear if anyone has had different experiences with the above products!
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Sounds like these products are more harmful than helpful
I just use a microfiber cloth to clean my iPhone occasionally
And if need be, a lightly damp cloth

Never really had any issues with my screens
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