Replacing PB 12" with mini?


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Jun 8, 2005
I have a PB 12" rev A, my first mac. After more than two years, it's getting a bit old and I am looking into my options in replacing it.
My issues with this machine are:
  • an almost dead battery
  • A too small a screen
  • Does not always wants to boot
  • overheating of the HD (left hand palmrest)
  • extra (cheap) ram is not always recognized on boot</li>
  • A bit too noisy
I have put up with it the last half year, seeing it get worse and worse or alternatively running out of patience.

Ideally I would buy a PM 2Ghz with an DVI screen. But at the moment, being a newly graduate scientist waiting for that first research position to come through, I don't have the money for that. I could have that kind of money in a few months time, say january.
To spread out the cost I was thinking of buying a screen now, but my PB doesn't have a DIV-out. But the mini has.
If a sell my PB and spend a bit more of money I guess I could buy a mini together with a screen. And replacing the mini with a PM in a few months time. But is it worth the extra money to replace my PB with a mini, based on specs? The sentiment is that I want to replace the machine (while I can still sell it) before it completely breaks down and that I want something new.

On the issue of portability, in my case I have to drag my mac from my dormitory to ..., spending days to a few weeks at the alternative location. But wherever I go PC's are already available, but I prefer my mac. So for the 10 minutes or so it takes to setup a mini, I might as well drag that with me.


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Jul 5, 2004
I'd try and buy that Dell 2005FPTSX-whatever widescreen LCD display. It's supposed to be cheaper and better than Apple's LCDs, and has VGA and DVI inputs (meaning you could use it with your PowerBook and skip the Mac mini purchase).


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Feb 19, 2005
It really sounds to me like you want a better computer as it is time and some portability but you're strapped on cash. I think your idea is a great idea, I even think they have a Mac case that is meant to be used for people such as yourself. If a new 12" PowerBook is not in the works for you (and then I'd suggest an external display) then I would certainly go with the mini + lcd. I just picked up the Dell 2005FPW for $434 this is from a $750 list price. $476 after tax of course. I have a 15" PB but I want to ensure it's life and I work with a lot of photos and such so I want screen real estate. Plus, I dropped a few grand on laser eye surgery and I'd like to preserve the results!

I would do it. I would sell the Rev A and you'd have no problem I am sure. When you get that research position you can pick up a new iBook or New 12" PB (or larger) and work with both. You'll probably like the portability of the notebook while you're working on your projects, even if computers are readily available for you.


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Jun 8, 2005
Ok, I'll order a screen with dual output mode (didn't realise Dell had that) and wait for the mini rev B, as I am no longer buying rev A, that's for sure. Rev B should be here by the end of the summer (Paris), I think. But hopefully sooner.

When I have a job, I'll buy a PM. By the time the intel stuff is working well, I am ready again to upgrade that PM.

If my first job is that research position, I'll ask for a PB 12" for normal portability (congresses, short trips) at work. Most likely I'll keep the mini for extended portability, so I can connect (by internet) it to the PM at home, or I'll just hook it up to the TV. The calculations I had to do for my graduating paper lasted a month.

I don't have the money now for something better than a mini, as I want a good quality screen to protect my eyes. The 12" screen for daily use was good enough two years ago, but not anymore.

This sounds like a good roadmap. Yvan256 en Jessica, thanks for tipping me over the edge.