Replacing single keyus


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Jun 21, 2004
My dog manged to jump on the keyboard of my 2 month old powerbook and broke the V and X keys off, and even the little plastic pieces underneath. Is there a way to buy replacement keys? How do I replace them without replacing the whole keyboard?


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Jan 22, 2003
In your head. sells keys and sisors.

Also, post on this board that you want to buy a keyboard or keys. Perhaps somebody has a broken keyboard and they would be willing to send you some keys, or sell you a broken keyboard for parts.


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Jan 16, 2005
I went into my Apple Store (UK, Regent Street) and managed to blag a W key from the Genius Bar. They pulled out a PB membrane from a drawer, slapped it on the counter and then asked what key I'd like. Didn't cost me a penny as I was prepared to fit it myself.

Unfortunately it was from a previous model and didn't quite fit. The catches underneath the key didn't align with my PB.

I bought another laptop for a friend. I took off that W key and swapped it with mine and they are both stuck firm now. Weird but that's my story.