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    Right i need some opinions from some fellow mac geeks!

    I currently have a mid 2010 i7 iMac as my main machine at home. However I have recently landed a new job (YAY go me) Where ill be managing the company's Ad Ops, Social Media & Email Marketing.

    The job is in London, eventually I plan on moving there. So thinking of swapping in my iMac for a laptop. But I cant decide which one!!! The work ill be doing will be using a lot of online web tools, with a little bit of coding, photoshop and of course email and documents.

    My worry is that ill struggle from going from a 27" screen to a 13 / 15 " screen. As i like my screen real estate! I have put together a numbers doc, screen shot attached of the specs im after. Has anyone else downsized and are very happy. Eventually ill look to get an external screen, but for the time being ill be using a laptop at home and in the office.

    Edit: Would running multiple desktops hog the CPU and Memory? Such as my screen shot? As i thought i could run my browser full screen, and have everything else running on another desktop?

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    If I were you I would not go with the Macbook Air mainly becuase of the nature of the work that you are doing. Between the two rMBPs that you have listed the 15 inch would suite you better i believe when using Photoshop the quad core processor would be able to keep up with the workload better.


    And It shouldn't hog the CPU unless you launch computationally intensive applications in all of the desktops.

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