Replacing the edge of iphone 5s


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Jan 12, 2013
I dropped my iphone 5s on the top right corner edge today and it left a dent. I want to replace just the edge of the phone but can only find the entire housing and not that one piece. Can you guys help me find just the edging of the housing? Is it easy to change out?

Like the photo below but at the top right of my phone instead.



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Aug 24, 2013
It's all but impossible. If it bothers you and you have Applecare+ you can use an accidental damage... Pay $79 and get a new phone...

As far as changing that one... It's all one piece and pretty impossible to change. Can it be done? Yes! Should someone do it? No!!

Easiest/Best thing to do is either use AppleCare+ or sadly live with it.
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