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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's first foldable devices will reach mass production in 2025 and 2026, according to Haitong analyst Jeff Pu.


In a note to investors seen by MacRumors, Pu said that foldable devices are increasingly visible in Apple's supply chain with accelerating progress. The company is expected to release a large-screen foldable iPad or MacBook to kick-off its foray into the product category before launching a higher volume foldable iPhone.

One Apple foldable with a 20.3-inch display will apparently start production in late 2025, which is sooner than previously expected. This time frame is said to be supported by information from Korean display makers, as well as American and Taiwanese hinge manufacturers.

Apple's first foldable iPhone will allegedly feature a 7.9-inch or 8.3-inch display. The company may launch two foldables with these two display size options, or it may opt for a single display size option only. The foldable iPhone could form a new ultra-high end smartphone line for Apple. The device is currently scheduled to reach mass production late 2026, a year after the 20.3-inch foldable.

Article Link: Report: Apple's First Foldables Coming in 2025 and 2026


Sep 25, 2018
Well, a foldable Mac would be very niche, and unless macOS gets a touchscreen feature - what’s the point?
A foldable iPad? Very niche but probably useful for some.
iPhone is where it needs to come, the slabs aren’t going to drive growth, even with AI


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Jun 8, 2017
One Apple foldable with a 20.3-inch display will apparently start production in late 2025
Folded in half, that’s still around 14”.


macrumors regular
Jun 30, 2008
I can't see Apple engineers, or marketing people, stand for the creases and dimples present on ALL foldable devices, being on the middle of a TOUCH surface of an Apple device. Unless they have somehow figured out this major problem that no other foldable product company has, I doubt they will ever make one. Scrollable or some other tech, but not foldable.


macrumors demi-god
Jun 26, 2013
Chicago, IL
At this point, it is all speculative until Apple releases this product. Whether it is a foldable iPad or iPhone.
There is a growing market demand for foldables, which is why Samsung keeps pushing its Galaxy Fold/Flip series.
I am sure Apple recognizes the need to enter this lucrative field. It will be interesting to see how Apple develops its product.
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