Report from installing Windows 7 using Bootcamp

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by micsaund, Aug 23, 2009.

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    Just in case anyone finds my experience installing Win7-64 on an early 2008 MBP useful...

    I had an existing Vista-64 Bootcamp partition on my MBP which I wanted to replace with Win7-64.

    I popped the Win7-64 DVD into the drive and rebooted while holding the Option key. Upon reboot, there were FOUR things to choose from to boot, and I selected the Windows disc. There is an option for EFI Boot which didn't do anything but boot OS X if anyone is wondering.

    Anyway, the install went super easy using the new, finally-usable Winbloze installer that doesn't halt several times during installation. Windows Vista and 7 both install in a "ready to use" state unlike previous versions that stopped to ask questions along the way. Once your Vista/7 install is running, you can walk-away and do other stuff without finding that it halted 5 minutes after you left to ask about the stupid networking or something like that ;)

    Once the installation was complete, Windows 7 was fully functional. All drivers were found by default and I did NOT install ANY Bootcamp drivers.

    However, the sound didn't work, nor did the graphics allow full-screen accelerated modes.

    To fix the sound:
    Go to and get the "High Definition Audio Codecs (Software)" latest version. Install this while in Win7.

    To fix the video:
    My MBP has an nVidia 8600m, so I went to nVidia to get the latest drivers: If you have an ATI based graphics card, you're on your own but this is a good start and where I get drivers for my desktop gaming machine:

    After installing the audio drivers and video drivers (remember, I used NO BOOTCAMP drivers) everything works GREAT. Well, as great as Winbloze gets ;) I can play all of the games I've tried including Runes of Magic, Left For Dead, and Defense Grid.

    It appears that Win7 includes all of the drivers needed for basic use on a Mac out of the box, but with just a couple changes, you can get a full-blown experience for gaming or whatever. I have an early 2008 MBP (2.5GHz C2D, 512MB 8600m, 6GB RAM) and all hardware is detected and used as expected.

    The one potential gotcha in my setup that someone may not like is that I use a 2-button mouse when in Winbloze and if you use a single-button mouse, the ctrl-click won't right-click (that's a Bootcamp driver I believe). But, IMO, if you're running Winbloze, you really should be using a 2-button mouse anyway, and not having to dredge-up my Leopard discs and then install multiple versions of BC drivers from the disc + download is well worth this. Not to mention that even with the BC drivers, I NEVER got ctrl-click to right-click for me even in Vista...

    Hopefully that helps someone out or helps answer a question or two!

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    Sep 20, 2004
    Sound, brightness, and eject (etc) hotkeys all work on the keyboard in win7?
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    I've also installed Win7 on my pre-unibody Early 2008 MBP. I did install the Boot Camp drivers from the disc, though. Until that the hotkeys, multitouch, and sound were non-functional. Then I just ran Windows Update and let it update everything except extra languages that I have no use for, about an 80 MB download. It's the most painless OS install I have ever done.
  4. Snakehn macrumors newbie

    Aug 18, 2009
    What about the isight camera? is it working for you under x64?
  5. skiingninjasock macrumors newbie

    Jun 29, 2007
    Do you have any problems with your computer getting really HOT. When installed 7 my computer got so hot I couldnt touch it. I kept reading and it sounds like Apple and MS doesnt have drivers for the macbook pro to control the fans to cool the machine. I have a mid 09 unibody with the 8600m video card. Right now I am running windows 7 via vmware now but it does not handle 3d apps very well like games or autocad. Would love to get bootcamp up and running where its usable.
  6. dKran macrumors member

    Jul 28, 2007
    The only problem I had on my 2.8ghz iMac was the sound issue, though obviously a quick trip to Realtek fixed it. I also changed the video driver, and other than the, just the boot camp drivers, and I've had no problems yet.

    EDIT: I forgot, the sound is really loud though, like I go two clicks up from muted, and it's still quite loud :p
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    Thanks for the report, but I too am wondering how hot your MBP gets while running Windows 7 - 64 bit. Windows XP seems to run fairly cool, but I don't want to cook my computer running Windows 7.

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