Reports Liam Tim Cook beats out Steve Jobs

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    ( the word Liam in the title is a typo )

    In a popularity poll...
    Maybe that's because he fits in better. Steve Jobs was a rare bird.
    He did not earn his tags For no reason. " Genius ". " modern day Edison "
    " Marketing phenom ". Jump wright in if ya got me. I'm just mentioning what my terrible memory recalls. Says it all though.
    Tim Cook is on the same plane as the employees. Most likely a very good CEO and an inspiring example of Apple generated know how but he is no Steve Jobs.
    Btw , Steve Jobs did not care who liked him. He wanted things done his way and was known to cut throats to get things that way. He was not running a popularity contest . The man (May He RIP ) will be remembered 200 years from now when new millennium technology and cultural phenomanon is spoken of.
    I could go on. If Cook is running an attempt atpopularity in a successful company he should at least attempt it starting with his own company. See where that leaves him if " if " he ever gained the success Apple got from Jobs. Steve Jobs has inventions and innovation registered in our minds and hearts and with the Govt. what Apple employees consider friendly is not important to the consumer. Cook can never catch up to Steve Jobs Success and legend. Never
    His first device to hit the bricks as multiple issues. Jobs at least seen to it that we purchased products that wok. This heat and wifi issue would not have been missed. Ok the iPhone antena issues were on Jobs's watch but nobody is perfect.
    Cook might win popularity contests with employees but ask the world who they wish was running Apple.
    Steve Jobs. Feb 1955. Oct 2011.
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    Blah, blah, blah

    Geez, Jobs isn't even cold yet and you've already written Tim off. A savvy business analyst you're not.
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    If you would please cite your quotes I would like to ask you a few questions.

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