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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by jammybastard, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Four days ago the replacement logic board in my 2008 MBP failed so to the Genius Bar I went. The Genius confirmed a replacement logic board was in stock, and they would replace for n/c in store overnight.

    While I was at the "bar" the Genius did 2 things that I now have a problem with and need advice to solve.

    1. he took my magsafe AC adapter into the back room and did not return with it.
    I assumed he needed it for testing.
    When I picked up my repaired MBP today I asked for my AC adapter back.
    They denied having it, and added "we don't usually take those".
    Now I no longer have an ac adapter.

    2. I had a 3rd party (OWC) battery in my MBP. I told the Genius that my original Apple issued battery was bad. He said, "Bring it in with you tomorrow and I'll exchange it for a new one."

    When I brought in my original battery today the Genius checked it, confirmed it was bad, and then instead of exchanging it told me it would $99 to replace it. Since I needed a new battery I paid, but I left the store very angry because I felt he had run a "bait/switch" on me.

    I want my AC adpater back, and I'd like to know if I just got taken for $99 when I could/should have gotten a replacement battery for free.

    How would you deal with this?
    Do Apple Store's have managers or regional managers I can address my concerns to?
    I feel like the Genius can just say "no" and I don't have any recourse.
    Any advice is appreciated.
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    Ask for a manager (yes they have them)...explain the situation, and return the battery if you don't need it and don't want to pay.

    Generally batteries are considered "consumables" and not covered...I haven't read AppleCare to see if they are covered but it doesn't hurt to ask the manager and explain the expectations you had before driving to the store, and subsequent experiences.
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    1. They usually don't take adaptors, this is true - and generally, most people asking for one later magically find theirs at home or in their car so more than likely he just thought you were one of that great majority. If this isn't the case then just (politely) explain to a manager that you know the above to be true, but the Genius did, in fact, take your adaptor (perhaps by accident, who knows?) and you would like it back. It really shouldn't take long to get one. :)

    2. Batteries can be in different states and depending on the state of both the battery and AppleCare on the associated product you may or may not be charged. They definitely should've explained this, though.

    Batteries have a life-span of use - after you've used 100% of the battery a certain amount of times it becomes 'consumed' - meaning either entirely dead or just 'doesn't hold a charge like it used to'. If this happened, then inside warranty or not, you will be charged for a replacement because it has performed as stated and without defect - it's just used up.

    If, however, you haven't damaged it and it hasn't been consumed - if something is actually *wrong* with it, then when they run the battery test it will read as "Bad" and they can replace it for you for free *if* your laptop is under warranty.

    Hope that helped!
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    Okay, first, regarding the battery . . . I don't exactly what words the guy used, what he intended, or what you actually understood. But you suffered absolutely NO loss as a result of bringing your battery in with you to get it switched out. You did not make a special trip back to the store - you were on your way to the store anyway to pick up your MBP. And, once he told you the actual price to switch out the battery, you had the option of saying "no thanks." There was no "bait and switch." You had no right to a free replacement battery and you didn't get one. (Yes, I understand it would have been nice if he hadn't charged you - but unless you went out of your way to make a trip back to the store (which you didn't), you can't complain about him not giving you something you weren't entitled to anyway.)

    About the charging cable . . . if you brought it in with you, then you had a right to get it back. As previously stated, speak to the store manager and explain things.

    I would strongly suggest, however, that, if you want your money back for the battery, you address the charging cable issue FIRST, before even mentioning the battery. The fact that you're trying to get a free battery out of the store does NOT improve your credibility with regard to the charging cable. Frankly, it looks like you're trying to score both a free battery and a free charging cable! Whether or not that's true is irrelevant . . . the point is that someone could easily see things that way. So, if your charging cable complaint is legitimate, get that resolved before you complain about the battery.

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