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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Val-kyrie, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Val-kyrie, Oct 10, 2014
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    My father wants to run Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) in Windows (poor reviews for the Mac version) but has a limited budget. The requirements are pretty stiff for DNS (2.2GHz CPU, 2MB cache, 2GB RAM), so I am considering upgrading my father's 2007 MBP so he can install Windows in BootCamp and use DNS for a book he wants to write (he lacks typing skills). I am a little concerned about the age of his computer, but I can perform the upgrades for about $300 and I can't buy him a laptop for that much.

    I plan to upgrade the MBP with 6GB OWC RAM and with a 256GB Samsung 840 Pro (which is currently on sale). I realize that his MBP only has SATA I, but he doesn't need more space than 256GB, and I think the SSD may help with running DNS.

    My only concern is (a lack of) trim support for the SSD. Any thoughts on putting this SSD in his MBP? Would it be better just to put in a 7200 RPM hard drive?

    [Edit: I just noticed OWC has the 3G Electra with a wear leveling feature. Would that be better than the Samsung 840 Pro?]

    Lastly, he is running 10.6.8. After the hardware upgrade I could update him to 10.9, but I am uncertain whether I should. Thoughts?
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    Definitely worth upgrading. I'm using a 2006 MBP as a daily driver and it runs well with a Crucial M4 SSD and 3GB RAM on 10.7.5. Native TRIM support isn't an issue with SSDs like the M4, but I've enabled it in OS X anyway using the TRIM Enabler app from Cindori with no issues now for a couple of years.

    I recently setup a 2007 MBP on 10.9 with its original 5400rpm HDD & 4GB RAM and that was fine, although an SSD would have made a nice upgrade & something I'd do if it were my own machine. These models can run Yosemite too, unlike the 2006 vintage.
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    How would I know which SSDs don't need TRIM support from OS X?

    This is an issue where I am confused.
  4. Freyqq macrumors 601

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    As he is stuck with SATA I, there is no reason not to use a 840 EVO and get about double the storage for the same price. Stick with Samsung SSDs, as they tend to be pretty good.

    TRIM can be enabled with a third party utility in OSX. In windows 7, 8, 8.1, TRIM is built in and works automatically.
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    If you are on a limited budget then I do not recommend an SSD. Much expensive and you do not need it.

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