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Oct 14, 2013
So many people are asking whether to wait or buy now. It is better to just have a single thread gathering all these requests, so people can find all the answers in the same thread instead of spreading them around in small posts with three or more replies of varying degree. Gathering all the views and experiences in a single thread will also make it more complete as I very frequently come across similar posts and they are in many ways just asking if they should buy now or wait.

"Should I buy or Should I wait..." thread would gather all the questions. The MacBook Pro uses the same generation of CPUs, memory and sometimes storage as well as the same type of screens, trackpads and keyboards.

This will make troubleshooting threads more visible, and I believe it is more important to help people with issues that they have rather than trying to convince them to buy or wait. For most people the buy and wait answer is pretty simple...

1. Do you have money to buy a MacBook Pro?
2. Do you need a MacBook Pro in order to make money?
3. Do you need it to your studies? If so, the staff at the school will help you find out what the requirements are.
4. Do you need it now or are you just curious? Like many people have more than sufficient hardware, but they love the idea of having the latest and greatest.
5. YouTube is practically filled with answers to this question. There are very accurate reviews from the leading tech journalists. If you can't seem to make up your mind after seeing the videos and reading the reviews, you should not buy.

In the end nobody will be able to give a 100% answer to this question. They don't know your financial situation, your setup and how much of the power is required to get your job done. At least clean this issue up and gather all the views in a single sticky thread like you do with Waiting for Skylake...Coffee lake...Ice Lake...


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May 3, 2009
In the end nobody will be able to give a 100% answer to this question.
And this reason is why people will continue to make their own threads. I'm not a fan of mega-threads personally, and I find it can turn off other members who don't feel like wading through pages and pages of posts to find the answers that are important to them or try to discern how to proceed in a buying decision.
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