iPhone 11 Pro Request for some shots of Night Mode on the night sky


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May 7, 2005
Got a quick request for anyone here who has some experience taking photos of the night sky and is picking up an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro.

Do you think you could take a few photos of various subjects - stars, the moon, planets, maybe even a picture through a telescope with a mount, if you have one. Oh, also evening landscapes in twilight/dark conditions.

I'm curious to see how night mode handles those conditions. I've read that if you use a tripod it will automatically take up to a 10s exposure.

I've heard that Night mode doesn't work with the ultra-wide lens as well. Which makes me want to wait until next year.
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Jun 5, 2007
Here are 2 photos I took in Yosemite this weekend with the 11 Pro Max. I also had an XS there as well and was unable to take the same photo with the stars exposed. This was taken with the standard camera app. I jacked up the brightness and did a 10 second long shot. Also not my phone was on a tripod.

I’m still astonished I was able to capture the stars. It’s amazing what the preview looked like during the shot in comparison to the actual photo. I did very light editing to evenly darken the sky and accentuate the stars. The original is barely different.



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Sep 28, 2015
Chicago, IL
Not the best shot but I was in complete darkness and only saw half a dozen stars with the unaided eye.

iPhone 8 Plus above
iPhone Max Pro


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Feb 16, 2017

hard to see unless you click on it, but these are the stars looking up through some trees. Might not get any sleep tonight.

FYI: I figured out that if I set up the camera by pointing it at a brighter star and use the camera shutter app on my Apple Watch - I can avoid moving the camera when hitting the shutter button on the phone and make sure I’m focused on the bright star to get a good focus using the viewfinder on the watch.
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