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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ct04, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. ct04 macrumors member

    Feb 28, 2008
    Hi folks,

    Quick question that should be easy for you veterans to resolve.

    I'm about to upgrade from my blackberry to an iphone 4. Both are through my company; the iphone 4 will be running off our corporate exchange server and will sync up with my outlook. Obviously, all my blackberry's contact data syncs to outlook, and will thus stream onto my ip once activated.

    However, I'm now faced with a trickier issue - i do NOT have to sync my ip to my work computer(PC), nor do I really need to since calendar email etc. is all OTA; my home computer (mac) has my music, pics etc. The thing is, though, that I travel extensively for work with my work computer, and only see my home computer a couple times a week.

    So - 1) Can I sync my phone to both my home and work computers? Search pulled up a couple of topics that say yes, would appreciate confirmation.

    2) Do I have to pick only one computer to sync for purposes of backing up/restoring? Or can I save backups on both computers?

    3) If i have to pick one, I assume it's the one that I'm syncing music with (home), not the one I'm "syncing" with for purposes of charging on the road, maybe downloading apps through etc?

    Thanks all for the help. Would prefer an "official" solution to an app-based or workaround one - I own the phone, but it's also a corporate tool and I'd rather not do anything too fancy that I'll then have to discuss with my IT department (all of whom are iphone users and I imagine able to see through ******** excuses like 'i didn't know i jailbroke it!')

    Also, it would be much appreciated if you guys can treat me like an iphone rookie but otherwise technically savvy :)
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    Sep 2, 2009
    I hope this is at least partially helpful, to get you started and thinking :) To fully grasp all the intricate doings of iTunes syncing you either have to be an Apple subject matter expert of very very geeky so bare with me...

    1) Yes, you can sync yr iPhone to several computers. However, if you choose to sync iTunes bought music/movies to your iPhone using computer #1 and later on sync yr phone with computer #2 the music will disappear from yr phone.

    2) Backing up and restoring (minus music and films bought via iTunes) to 2 computers is doable as long as you either cancel syncing as soon as you connect yr iphone to computer #2 or select the switch not to sync automatically w/ Computer #2 when the iPhone is connected

    3) I would use the computer that you regularly bring w/ you. I myself have actually opted to use my corporate laptop as Compuer #1/my main sync machine rather than my stationary puter back home

    As you can see it's really easy to cock up completely and erase either of music/photos/contacts/calendar/email/apps/ringtones/books from yr iPhone if you sync w/ the wrong computer w/o flicking the right switches in iTunes!

    If you still decide to go with 2 computers I would recommend reading up on and try it out a couple of times with data you don't care for =)

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