Require password to redownload app?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by porcupine8, Aug 24, 2014.

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    I hate Angry Birds Rio. It's chock-full of ads, moreso than any of the other AB games, and my three-year-old is constantly either watching a commercial or accidentally clicking an ad while he plays it.

    So I deleted it.

    Unfortunately, now Rovio puts links to all their other games inside each game. So he winds up at the app store and can redownload it from the cloud, which for some reason it allows without entering my app store password!

    Turning off app purchasing entirely from Restrictions is annoying, as it removes the app store and makes it difficult for me to update my apps, etc.

    All I want is for it to treat apps I've downloaded before the same as any other app - require my password before downloading. Is there a way to make it do that? I'm jailbroken, if that helps (it probably doesn't).
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    Under General > Restrictions > Allowed Content, at the bottom of the section, there is the line item Require Password with a time setting that you can set to Immediately or 15 minutes. Try setting it to Immediately and test it. HTH
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    Convenience or Security: Pick one. :) As the previous poster mentioned, you can immediately require a password, or sign out of the store, or as you mentioned set restrictions. For my kids I set it to immediately and I can download or update a game and immediately hand it back to them. In-app purchases and app deletions are also disabled in restrictions. Kids!

    For a three year old I'd use kiosk mode / guided access. You can disable the hardware buttons to keep him from leaving the game and also disable areas of the screen (in this case for banner ads). Also, there is an in-game setting where ads won't show between plays.

    Disclaimer: I haven't played Angry Birds in awhile so I apologize if the current versions are different than what I describe.

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