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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by hydrogene75, Dec 20, 2015.

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    Hello I own a macbook pro late 2013 4GB ram, 2,5 GHz Intel Core i5 with a 90GB SSD and I would like to play black ops 3 through bootcamp but the game is very laggy, I also tried to play Tom clancy's rainbow six siege but it's not playable at all.

    If I add like 4gb ram more do you think that the recent games will be running fine with no lags ? Does the processor matter on game performances/speed ? thank you guys and merry christmas
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    You do not mention what the all important GPU is in that particular Mac. Some folks around here know which Mac has what GPU off the top of their head but I'm not one of them. I can guess though pretty easily that 2013 MacBook Pro isn't going to cut the mustard on either of those releases no matter what you do because of the GPU being the limiting factor. I have a 2013 iMac with the 2nd best GPU available for any Mac that model year aside of the Mac Pro of course and I wouldn't expect those games to run well here either. For me, those will be titles I'd plan to play on XBox.

    Be sure when buying games that you pay very careful attention to what the recommended GPU is and if that is confusing, go online and find out or ask around here what you GPU equates to roughly for desktop GPUs. That will help you determine what you can expect a good experience with and what isn't going to run at all. For example, I doubt the Witcher 3 would run at all on my late-2013 iMac with an Nvidia 775m GPU. I don't think it would run acceptably with the 780m either which was top of the line for the model year, again not counting the Mac Pro.

    I don't know if I'd want to spend money on RAM for that system myself unless it was cheap. It depends on what you are playing on it and if it recommends more than 4 gigs, not to be confused with minimum requirements which are not usually really adequate in my opinion. The processor does matter and the requirements are creeping upwards with new releases gradually but across the Mac line it is nearly always the GPU that is the issue in game performance.

    I don't know how you feel about gaming on a console but to me owning one along with a Mac opens up a lot more options.

    I just took a quick peek at Black OPs III and notice that the minimum requirement is 6 gigs or RAM. Considering that, it is no wonder you are seeing performance problems there. For that game the answer is pretty simple, of course you need to upgrade. Will it be buttery smooth after that? Well, that still depends on whether your GPU is at least as good as the specified ones the game requires and has as much RAM as those ones specified do (1 gig).

    Looking at Rainbow Six Siege, again your system does not meet the minimum requirements stated for it on Steam. This one also requires minimally 6 gigs of RAM. It also requires a 3.3 GHz CPU which you do not have. If you got this on Steam and have not exceeded the window of time they allow for returns, I would recommend returning it right away.

    As for Black OPs III, I'd also recommend returning that if you still can until you can find out how you system stacks up to the requirements for GPU and decide then if you want to buy the RAM to play that game.

    Be careful about system requirements and don't assume something will maybe still run if your system is under spec for it. Most of the time it won't or it won't run well enough for a good experience. Sorry to be the bearer of not so good news here.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas too. There ought to be lots of games that will run good for you but just not the latest/greatest. My iMac from 2013 can't do those either at least not well enough to suit me.
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    No MacBook Pro can run triple A titles for the most part unless they (the games) are multiple years old already. The top end 15" model w/ AMD graphics probably can to an extent, but certainly no model beneath it. Unfortunate reality. Those games simply cannot run on integrated graphics no matter how good the CPU is or how much RAM it has.

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