Resale Value after Capella Release

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by comb, Jul 7, 2008.

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    This is for my little brother as I am a proud owner of a 2.2Ghz 15" MBP.

    If he were to purchase the 2.1GHz model ($1,049CAD w/student discount), with no extra ram or any other accessories, what price could he expect to get for it this time next year?
    I told him to keep it for an extra year and get his money's worth, but he's set on getting a Macbook with the new Capella platform. His math is that with the free $309 ipod touch and $100 printer, both of which he was going to buy anyways he'd only be paying $640.
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    Go by the resell value of MacBooks that are a year old right now. That's about what it will be. Subtract a little due to the fact that Nehalem is getting rid of a processor part that's been around for decades.

    Calpella is the mobile Nehalem.
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    I thought that to but Capella is a much bigger jump in performance than say Napa to Santa Rosa. A case redesign is almost certain too.

    Why the hate CanadaRAM? I asked a question that I am sure a lot of people are wondering themselves. Get over it.
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    Haha. i differ with you on the last point/ dont think many people are wondering what you are or there would be more threads about it. or at least more response in this one.

    And to your first point, well you answered your own question. take the price a year old macbook now and then low ball it if you think the resale value will drop. That way you can figure out what the lowest should be.

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