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    Who said that you have to be angry to set the birds (oops, aliens) free? You don`t!
    Get the newly released Rescue Aliens for free and solve the puzzles (yes, you will need to note down the moves and features of each smiling monster). Each of your 6 aliens have different abilities, and its up to you to figure out how to get them to jump, bounce, roll, drop, spin, and block their way to victory!

    Rescue Aliens features 120 uniquely challenging puzzle scenarios spread across 6 exotic countries!
    ● Brazil, USA, France, UK, China, and India
    ● Coming Soon Too: Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, & Australia

    App Store link:


    ● 100’s of unique puzzle-arcade levels to play through!
    ● Fast, fresh gameplay w/ responsive controls - that keeps you entertained for hours!
    ● Vibrantly animated action!
    ● Engaging 3-Star level structure keeps you motivated to play!
    ● Universally compatible across all iOS devices!
    ● GameCenter leaderboard integration to let you compete against friends!
    ● Unlockable achievements to keep you motivated!
    ● Powerful, innovative physics-engine enabled gameplay!
    ● Optimized for iPhone 5
    ● Full Retina HD display support!
    ● Diverse globetrotting level backdrops!
    ● Original music!

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