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  1. winmik, May 22, 2013
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    May 22, 2013
    Hello everyone,

    for the last two months I have been working on my master thesis, doing research on digital game distribution and its impact on the video game industry. For a specific part of my thesis, I need to assess which video game characteristics are important for gamers and how much. I would really appreciate if you could dedicate 10-15 minutes of your time to complete my questionnaire (click!)

    Please note that since I am researching on all types of games (console, handhelds, computer-online, browser/social, mobile), most users here can take the questionnaire. Mobile games are very important for my research, which is why I choose to post this in the mobile apps section of macrumors :)

    The structure of the questionnaire is on purpose like this (at first sight it might appear that some questions repeat / are redundant, but they are not...)

    Thanks a lot - WinMik
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    May 22, 2013
    Thank you for helping me and participating in my research. You can see an automated summary of the responses I have collected so far in the following link:

    Of course I will perform my own data analysis in due time. I need all the responses I can get, so if there are more people who want to participate, please do so!

    Thanks again,

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