Reselling TB MBP base Model (256gb)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by elsadso, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. elsadso macrumors newbie

    Dec 17, 2016
    hi all,

    i have recently gotten a base Model TB MBP after i had to return my mid one(2,7ghz,512gb,radeon 455) due to scratches on the case out of the box.

    I wasnt really sad about getting the base model as a replacement. I've got a pc (i7 6700k, gtx 1080, 32gb ram, 1 tb ssd) for demanding tasks and only use my MBP for office and programming. For all multimedia stuff that I store, I either use my NAS storage, external hdd or iCloud.

    I only keep my MBPs for up to two years until I get the current model since I keep my hardware up to date and warranty covered.

    The question is: do you guys think that I will have issues selling my base model with only 256gb in 2 years? I think that many non-macrumors don't really care for the additional 2MB L3 cache or the 460. Storage wise I am concerned that even though I don't need more than 256gb, the big majority, even out of macrumors does. Selling my mid 2015 15" with 256gb was not an issue though.

    What do you guys think about that?

    Thank you very much in advance
  2. Jaekae macrumors 6502a

    Dec 4, 2012
    256gb ssd is probably very hard to sell in 2 years
  3. ascender macrumors 68020

    Dec 8, 2005
    There's always a strong market for used-Macs, regardless of specs. And you have to remember that no two people work identically when they use a Mac, so you'll always find people looking for your spec.

    Perfect example is how services like Dropbox and iCloud are so stable, cheap and widely used now that many users I know no longer need massive hard disks. The price of external drives now also means that while you see a lot of users on here buying 512MB+ SSDs, I don't think that necessarily the most popular option for the general public.

    Don't sweat it. Look after your laptop, keep the box and you'll get a decent price for us.
  4. Naimfan macrumors 601


    Jan 15, 2003
    It will just be a question of how much you get out of it when you sell it.
  5. dark_mark Suspended

    Nov 5, 2016
    Completely false. If anything, reselling 256GB macbook pro will command higher resale value percentage wise.

    When you pay $200 more for 512ssd at the time of purchase, you will not be able to sell it for $200 more when you resell it. You will probably get $50 for that $200 you paid.

    In other words, the difference between 512 and 256 Macbook Pro in used market will only be around $50.

    I sold my late 2013 MBP a moth ago. I did my research and 512GB ones were being sold for only $50 more than 256 versions. And I paid $500 more for 512gb back in 2013. This is a very poor return on investment of my $500.

    The general rule of thump is. If you want to get the best resale value, then always buy the base model MBP.
    Then same rule applies to iPhones. If you buy 256GB iPhone for $950 you will only be able to sell it for $50 more than 32GB versions in 2 years.

    That's because used market is very price sensitive. People who are buying stuff used just want a Macbook for cheap, they don't care if you have 256 or 512. If you are selling a used 512 version at the same price as 256 new, there's no way in hell anybody will buy it from you.
  6. Pootmatoot macrumors 6502a

    Nov 17, 2014
    I really wouldn't bank on the current MBP to hold on to its value anything like previous models: soldered-in hardware and launching at the end of an Intel cycle (plus the generally so-so reviews) means this isn't going to be like the 2015.
  7. keviig macrumors 6502

    Jun 7, 2012
    While i'm inclined to agree with you, you're forgetting that 90% of potential Mac buyers are basically clueless about what they're buying. I sold my 2015 13" rMBP a while ago, and the buyer who picked it up asked me "Is this the new one with an Intel processor?"... This was asked after he paid me.

    Soldered in hardware, Intel processor cycles and other technical aspects that interest us here on Macrumors mean nothing to your average buyer.
  8. UnluckyXIII macrumors 6502

    Feb 20, 2014
    Exactly this, my girlfriend bought her MacBook because she thought it was pretty and the vlogger she follows has one, she has no concept of specs and didn't even realise that there are alternative operating systems outside of Windows. Just because we all follow the tech world doesn't mean the majority do.
  9. Pootmatoot macrumors 6502a

    Nov 17, 2014

    True, true. That aspect does rely on Apple being the "cool" thing though. Fashion comes and goes, and given what the Surface has done to the university Air market - and the imminent Hololens - I'm not sure that will last either.
  10. raqball macrumors 68000

    Sep 11, 2016
    Very true..

    FWIW, people are still snagging up 128GB base 2015's... Internal storage, in my opinion, is seriously overpriced when you can get a 4TB USB C external drive for about $120...

    I always buy the base when it comes to computers. Phones are a bit different for me and I usually go up one to the mid storage level..
  11. Salaryman Ryan macrumors member

    Salaryman Ryan

    Dec 28, 2015
    I agree the general disinterest of the Mac buying public works to our favor in used sales. Too bad they are possibly the reason why Apple gets away with putting midrange hardware while charging highend prices in their Macs. The general public buys them thinking they are getting the latest and greatest. otherwise there would be enough complaints to get Apple's attention. Not sure I have the right to say that though, I bought a 13 inch myself despite of knowing it to be so.
  12. jerryk macrumors 68040

    Nov 3, 2011
    SF Bay Area
    I think in general when buying used most people look at year, screen size, condition, and most importantly price. Since your used system is dramatically below the TB model most people will chose it instead of one with a TB at 20% more. And regardless of TB, they will only pay a fraction of the new price difference for a larger drive or memory, and a even smaller fraction for a faster processor.

    It is the same way with used cars, or anything else. You may have the special edition xxx car, but after a few years the number of buyers who are willing to pay much more gets smaller and smaller. It is a 2010 xxx first.
  13. /V\acpower macrumors 6502a

    Jul 31, 2007
    I see absolutely no reason why a computer would need more storage space in 2018/2019 than right now.

    It's a matter of need. Some need lots of internal space, but most will be perfectly fine with 256, just like they are now.

    Plus, with NAS that are so easy to setup and find, external USB drives that are so cheap, the cloud that keep getting better and better, i'd say the trend is that internal storage is not as relevant as it used to be.
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    I think the biggest "treat" to a MacBook Pro resale value in the coming years is a potential switch to ARM processor. With all the recent delay with Intel chips, the fact that they are barely getting better other than energy consumption, plus the fact that Intel still demand an high price, combined with the fact that Apple have had tremendous success with his own ARM chips in the latests iDevices, I think it's more and more likely that Apple will switch eventually.

    Plus Apple isn't afraid of transitions.

    Even if in 2-3 years it's just the base models that are on ARM, it will still signify that the x86 days are counted and any x86 Mac will be harder to sell.

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