Reserved through Apple and I got my iPhone 4!!!!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Olivia23, Jun 24, 2010.

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    Jul 26, 2008
    I had reserved my iPhone 4 32g black through Apple last week, and today I was there 10 minutes after 7am. The line for walk-ins was wrapped around the store, the line for reserved was long also, but not near as long as the walk ins. I was out of the store, set up and ready to use my iPhone by 8:30am!

    There was two guys behind me that had reserved, and they had been there since 6am, but they were in the wrong line, so I basically walked in and back out within 30 minutes!!!:eek: When I left, the reserved line was a lot longer.
    Apple was letting more reserved in than walk-ins, but they were doing both.

    I tried out my iPhone right away, especially with the antenna problem. At first, I could not get the bars to drop, then I moved my hands a little, and then the bars started to drop down.:( I did buy a bumper, but all they had was black, so I will try it with the bumper and let you know if the bars go down or not. I think it will not be as big of a problem as I though with the antenna problem because it seems like you have to hold the phone a certain way to get it to do that, so I think if I avoid holding it like that, then maybe there will be no problems, but I will let everyone know.

    I'm very happy with it so far, and I have yet to see any yellowing problems on the screen.
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    Jul 12, 2008
    if you got there at 7:10 and left at 8:30, you were there for an hour and 20 minutes...not in and out in 30 minutes. maybe it's just too early for me and i'm not understanding...?

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