reserving space for a sparsebundle


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Feb 15, 2008
I have two computers in separate rooms - each shares a hard drive that the other backs up to, alongside itself. various family laptops back up to one or the other (depending on who uses it and where)

I'm very happy with the setup - but I'm concerned that my main computer (backing up to a sparsebundle like the other computers, since this disk was formerly shared elsewhere) won't actually respect the limits i placed on the sparsebundle size through terminal (I see 1.66TB of 2TB available - I should see a limit of 1TB)

Is there a way to make the sparsebundles take up/reserve their whole allocated space like their own little partitions (I'm not keen to partition the HDs 4 or 5 ways and have an unnecessary amount of disks shared and mounted)? space can be reserved when creating APFS containers, can it be done with sparsebundles?
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