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    Oct 1, 2014
    Hello , I have set a craftsman home to fix that is to change them flex tape and battery, all well and good , and how should I put put however .. I put all the components in place , give it to open it goes .. button up , I put it on and started loading up to the apple logo there he could continually reboot, and that I could not shut him up not remove the battery , in the end I connected it to the PC , I managed to get in DFU Mode even if the top button was not working but do not understand how he got , my itunes specified that s some problems and to give a restoration .. I gave entered into the system, go all but about a distance of 2 -3 min gives like a bluescreen , that are some colored stripes on the screen and gives reboot, and 3 min and the same top button does not work anyway , I thought that maybe it's my fault somehow I broke the tape even if the volume and vibration mode generally go .. tomorrow to go to a GSM .. can you tell me what the problem is ? ... Remains an enigma .. another thing , I inspected the motherboard that I walked in and saw two blunt pin or so I thought .. I do not know if that was before or I accidentally hit him somehow ..

    Sorry for my english ...
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    Oct 14, 2007
    Don't worry about your English.

    I'm no engineer and it's going to take an engineer to try and save it.

    Or let it go to  heaven.

    Good luck.

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