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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hi folks,

    I'm not new to forums, so I did a search on the topic beforehand, which didn't deliver the desired results. So either the topic hasn't been covered or I am too dumb to search / understand the discussion, but users will definitely point me to it, then. ;)

    So as we've all learned by now, it is possible to reset Photostream completely by logging into the iCloud account on and clicking the reset button. Perfect.

    What we've also learned is that you cannot access the iCloud account on from your iPad / iPhone. You need a computer for that.

    So what happens, if you just own an iPad / iPhone and no other computer? It is virtually impossible to completely reset your Photostream, isn't it?

    Or does Apple surmise that nowadays everyone has access to a computer one way or the other? Otherwise they should either make it possible to access the iCloud account from the iPad / iPhone via the website or they should include a "Reset Photostream" button in the iOS iCloud settings.

    As I understand it, right now, if you only have an iPad / iPhone, you'd have to wait for 30 days without adding new photos to Photostream until it gets completely erased.

    Thanks a lot, if someone here could confirm this / enlighten me to what I am overlooking.

    Thanks kind folks!
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    Jan 7, 2012
    Thanks for that.

    Problem solved.

    Thread closed. :)

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