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  1. amusedtali macrumors newbie

    Dec 11, 2012
    When I originally bought my iPhone 4, I was using my regular macbook. In July, I (stupidly) went abroad with a Netbook containing none of my music, photos, etc. I now need to reset my iPhone, but I'm afraid that doing so will cause me to lose all of my music, audiobooks, etc. From what I understand, if I sync my iPhone to my netbook, I will lose everything on my iPhone. Is this also the case if I backup my iPhone and then reset it? I'm finding conflicting information on whether backups cover music and photos, or just settings and other such things. Please please help me figure out how to reset my phone without losing my music. I won't be home to my precious macbook for at least 6 months and travelling without music would be horrible.

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    Why do you need to reset it?
    If you sync it with a new library your music and ringtones will be gone.
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    Backups don't cover music, movies etc. Only settings, contacts etc.

    If you connect your iPhone to a new laptop/PC you will loose your music etc. (As long you activate the music sync)

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