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    Please forgive me for giving you a bit of background to my situation but I believe that it will help you to understand my situation better.

    I have recently upgraded my Dropbox to a Pro (50 GB) account and wanted to move my iTunes library there so that it was backed up and received other woot-it's-in-my-dropbox benefits.

    So I moved my iTunes library using these guidelines.

    Everything was fine until I realized that although I had my music, mobile apps (I have an iPhone and iPad), books, etc, in my Dropbox/media/iTunes, there were some files left in the Music/iTunes:
    • Album Artwork (directory)
    • iTunes Library
    • iTunes Library Extras.itdb
    • iTunes Library Genius.itdb
    • iTunes Music Library.xml

    That's were I began some crazy renaming/copying/moving frenzy. Mainly, I was just copying contents of Music/iTunes to Dropbox/media/iTunes, then renaming Music/iTunes to Music/OLDiTunes, hoping that I can make iTunes use the files inside Dropbox folder. Unfortunately, iTunes was very stubborn with creating Music/iTunes folder again, completely ignoring iTunes Library file inside Dropbox.

    I have been trying so many combinations of moving/renaming/copying/importing that I'm not sure when I have done something wrong. The effect is that my iPad does not recognize my library and wants me to Erase & Sync.

    What is more, although my music is alright, my apps and books disappeared from iTunes interface, even though they are present in my Dropbox iTunes folder.

    Enough of background reading. I don't want to repair my iTunes library (well, sort of). I don't care about my ratings or playlists. I would like to create brand new iTunes library using content I have in my Dropbox folder (music, artwork, books, apps...). Also, if possible, keep my Users/Music folder clean (so I would like to keep all iTunes files inside designated Dropbox directory).
    As I said, I don't really care about ratings, settings or playlists. I don't mind erasing & syncing my iOS devices. I just don't want to lose my content (music, apps, books) and I want to have it all fitted neatly in cozy Dropbox.
    What I would like to avoid, though, is moving my music. Uploading it all over again would be a bit of pain.

    Is it possible?

    Oh, and my iTunes media folder location is set to Dropbox/media/iTunes.


    I have found my "original" iTunes Library file so my iOS devices are syncing like a charm and all my apps and books are in place. So one question is left: can I keep my Music/iTunes folder clean and keep all these files in my Dropbox/media/iTunes?

    UPDATE #2:
    Found the solution. Just follow these steps:

    (found here)
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    Mar 9, 2011
    Re-adding Apps To Library.

    After the latest update of iTunes, I found that the Apps had disappeared from my library list. This was easy to rectify. Click on Edit/Preferences then simply tick the Apps box in the options then Ok. you will then see that the Apps have been added back to your library listings.:)

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