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Discussion in 'macOS' started by paulbennett95, Nov 20, 2013.

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    I'm getting a new computer, and I plan on giving my MacBook (early 2008) to my mom.

    I have a Snow Leopard disc, and it came with Snow Leopard when I got it (the Mac was used), but don't know if that's what it shipped with. I updated it to Lion using the App Store.

    If I restore my Mac, does it have to be on Snow Leopard, or can I restore it to Lion? If it has to be restored to SL, can I update it to Lion? If I can restore/update it to Lion, will it be linked to my Apple ID? If so, is there a way I can avoid this? I want my mom to be running Lion (the latest OS the computer can support) but I also want her to use her own Apple ID (she has an iPad too)

    Any help would be great (I hope this is in the right subforum.)
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    Apple has a document that you should follow called What to do before selling or giving away your Mac. Hope that helps, Good Luck.

    Just after you follow the steps try to make the name of the hard Drive "MacHD" or something generate that way so the customer feel he/she is in a Mac.
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    Given that this is all in the family, I don't any need to erase everything and reinstall. Why don't you just create a new admin account for mom then login to that account and from there delete you account and the data associated with it.

    If you do want to reinstall and are on Lion now, just command-r boot to recovery and erase Macintosh HD with Disk Util. Then quit Disk Util and click reinstall OS X. This will ask you for your AppleID, but that won't tie your AppleID to the system for anything other than a full reinstall of the OS. Mom can login to the App Store with her own ID and get OS updates and her own apps.

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