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    I thought I'd share my experience with RE 6 via bootcamp incase there's any Resident Evil fans out there thinking about giving it a whirl on their mac. I'm running it on a 2012 Mac mini with 8GB ram, connected to an Asus ProArt monitor.

    Being a relatively recent game with impressive and well polished graphics, I wasn't sure how it would play. By default the game has all game settings maxed out and yet still it played rather smoothly; although fraps was reporting that the fps was down to a pitiful 7 or 8 fps. It still looked good, but there was a bit of lag and video tearing. The lag was only noticeable during parts of the game that required quick reflexes.

    I played around with the settings and found that I got the best results while playing at 1360x(something) rez in windowed mode, textures and screen quality on high, fxaa antialiasing and shadows on medium. At these settings the game looks great and plays smooth as butter (about 30 fps). Performance and visuals are at least on par with my Xbox experience with the game. Since RE4 I've found I actually enjoy The Mercenaries mini games better than the actual campaigns. If your familiar you know the mercenaries is fast paced and enemies flood the screen, yet still the game plays incredibly smoothly.

    I should add that I'm playing the steam version. There was a common problem with the game crashing after the prologue for people playing without a nvidia chip, but I found a fix (for me at least) online. A few days ago I updated some drivers and verified the cache integrity through Steam and ever since it's been running fine.

    P.S. - the game takes about 11GB of hard drive space.

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