Resized XP and now Fusion is broken!

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    I had XP on a 32GB NFTS partition in Boot Camp. It was too small for all my XP crap so I contracted my Mac OS partition and expanded my Boot Camp partition with iPartition.

    XP and Leo both work fine now. So it isn't the partitions that are screwed up.

    I tried to use Fusion to start my Boot Camp disk and now it is screwed up big time. Boot Camp works (I can boot into XP) but when I start up Fusion and the Boot Camp partition I get an error and it doesn't load. (See attachment).

    I have uninstalled Fusion and reinstalled it but it is still broken.

    I can't delete Boot Camp (within Fusion).

    When I reinstall Fusion, it already recognizes Boot Camp (I don't need to add it to Fusion) even though I deleted everything I can find about Fusion on my main disk.


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    Here is the answer:

    Note: These steps assume you have a Apple Default install of Windows and a Default VMware Fusion Boot Camp partition Virtual Machine and if you have modified the Boot Camp partition Virtual Machine to add additional Hard Drives either Virtual or RAW Disk then do not use these directions unless you backup the Boot Camp partition Virtual Machine Package first.

    1. If Fusion is open then close it.

    2. In a Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) copy and paste the following command and then press Enter and it will remove the Boot Camp partition Virtual Machine meta data. Note: This does not effect the Boot Camp partition install of Windows. Also be sure you copy the entire command line below from "rm" at the beginning to the " (quote) after the p in Camp. You do not need to change the {USER} variable. Just cut and paste... :)

    rm -dfr "/Users/${USER}/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines/Boot Camp"

    3. Start Fusion (/Applications/VMware and select Boot Camp partition on the Virtual Machine Library window and then click the Run button.

    Notes: Next, an Authenticate dialog box appears. "VMware Fusion requires that you type your password." Enter your Name and Password then click OK. (This is necessary to unmount the Boot Camp partition for Fusion to have direct access to it.)

    Next, one should see a Boot Camp partition message stating "VMware Fusion is preparing your Boot Camp partition to run as a virtual machine. This may take a few minutes. This will happen once."

    When the Boot Camp partition Virtual Machine boots for the first time after this VMware Tools may want to or will install/update and reboot the Boot Camp partition Virtual Machine.

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