Resizing BootCamp used Camptune x - error 15 file not found. Windows partition dead!

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by madeirabhoy, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Oct 26, 2012
    unfortunately my issue is compounded by not now having a working dvd drive in my 2009 mac mine, but this was the reason i spend 20 euro on camptune, if i had a working drive id have saved money and reinstalled bootcamp in a smaller partition.

    i bought camptune to reduce my bootcamp partition from 200 gigs to 160 gigs of my 320 gigs internal drive. before doing so i deleted most of my steam games to get the bootcamp partition down so much that there was 115 gigs of space of the 200 gigs.

    the first time i ran camptune x it told me that it couldnt do anything due to errors in bootcamp drive, so i restarted in windows 7 and ran the disc checker which found some errors and fixed them. i ran it again and no errors found. then i ran defragmentation, then the disc checker again, all fine.

    back into os x, ran camptune x. all worked fine. restarted into windows, which i can do either from restart menu or from holding down alt. both show windows as an option and both get same result.

    find --set-root--ignore-floppies--ignore-cd /wedaolu
    Error 15: File not found
    Press any key to continue....

    restarted various times in various ways, same result.
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    The problem is that OS X wants to have a GPT partitioning scheme and Windows a MBR. With bootcamp you end up with a hybrid partitioning scheme which is by nature unstable. Any fiddling aorund with the bootcamp partitioning and you run the risk of corruption and it looks like it happened here.

    I gave up long time ago trying to run Bootcamp on the same drive as OS X for that very reason (I need an ultra reliable method to restore quickly if needed; I need a stable system - down time can cost me dearly Unfortunately most people give only a token thought towards backups. You'd be surprised how many make a backup and never have done a restore and when it comes to the crumch the restore does not work. I know of one firm that was backing up a dummy disk for years and when they had a HDD fail there was no data to restore - never tested with real data).

    Hopefully you have a backup of the Bootcamp partition made with Winclone before you started to fiddle around which you can restore. (no affiliation, just a very happy user)

    edit: I remember testing Paragon out 18 months or so ago and it failed miserably. Prior to that I had under windows also some spectacular Paragon failures. It is in my bad books.

    PS It depends on how valuable your Windows data is and how valuable your OS X data is. One thing you can do to recover the windows data is to let Windows do a repair but it is highly likely that it will convert the whole disk to MBR and you be loosing the OS X partition requiring total reinstall. However the data on windows might need salvaging in that way.
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    Oct 26, 2012
    i havent got a backup of the windows side. :eek: my only excuse is that there wasnt any files i needed to keep and i didnt think through getting windows back onto it sans disc. all i use the partition for is steam gaming, and i still have access to the files so i can go in and backup my fallout save game :D which is probably the only file id want to keep.

    can i re install bootcamp without using a windows dvd, by using a usb stick or something? im happy to wipe the lot and start again rather than take any risk of buggering up everything
  4. madeirabhoy thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Oct 26, 2012
    also, would buying an external drive, either preferrably a cheap one, or a mac superdrive, work ?

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