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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by prostuff1, May 4, 2006.

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    I have some picture that i took over in japan on my one month stay. when i got home i scanned them all in but i failed to set the scanner so that the files were not supper huge. I have about 160 photos taking about 2 GB of space.

    What i basically want to do is some thing like this:
    1. Open the photo in preview
    2. Select Save as and then turn the quality down so that each pic is in the 1MB or less range or so. Currently most of the pics are in the 11MB range!
    3. Save the pic with the same name but in a different folder on the desktop.

    So basically what i want to do is just decrease the size of each photo from 11MB to like 1MB.

    I would guess this is pretty easy to do and i think automator could do somehting like this but i am not sure exactly how it works. If anyone could tell me how ot set one up or something that would be great.

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    you can set up an automator action(s) which basically do the something like this:

    1. select finder items
    2. scale image down to whatever size you want
    3. save image in different location or if you prefer to overwrite existing image
    4. (optional) rename image to append "_small"

    then just save it as a finder plugin and select all files in the finder window and away you go..

    i do this all the time when i want to batch convert image sizes.. it's very useful.

    Hope this helps..
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