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  1. boltman519, Dec 31, 2011
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    Hey Hey, Happy New Year!!

    Question for the group, all the sudden my resolution for my Mac Mini is not correct, it's given me a set up that relays to big for my TV. I have a LG 37in 720p TV that should be 1360x760 but that is not an option and the 720p option in display doesn't work. Any suggestions? All my window look way to BIG and don't fit at all.


    edit- I have added a screenshot of my dashboard as an example of how out of whack it is.

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    displays and see if an underscan sider is there. Try adjusting that lower, the screen should resize to fit to your monitor/tv.
  3. Macman45, Jan 1, 2012
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    Good Advice

    But i occasionally get this on my 42" smart has a mind of it's own. Check the display settings there too.

    My (Toshiba) will happily plod along for months on end, then decide to change it's not due to updates etc. as they are logged and no correlation can be found there.

    It could be your mac, but I'm betting on the TV.

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    Turns out a pram reset fixed it. it happened during a clean install and I lost power in the middle. Soon as I did the pre am reset everything corrected itself.

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