Resolved: Old iPod classic won't play music: New iPod classic Frozen

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Scepticalscribe, Feb 16, 2014.

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    I would be grateful for suggestions and/or advice.

    My old iPod classic (80GB bought in 2009) refused to play any music last night; although it will still synchronise music, I had noticed that it has been becoming increasingly sluggish when responding to commands, and that there has been an increasingly noticeable time lag between command and execution.

    In any case, I bought another iPod classic, a 160GB, and it synched beautifully this evening, but, inexplicably, nothing happens (and there is no movement towards playing) when I press 'play'; any thoughts, or suggestions as to 1) what might be causing this, and 2) how to remedy it?

    As always, my grateful thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time and trouble to respond.

    Actually, the problem has just gotten worse: the stupid thing is frozen.

    Further Edit: Thank the divinities for the tool of internet research; A forced shut down (pressing 'Menu & the centre control simultaneously) forces a shut down; the device reboots, and now plays…..both of them.

    Hence, we can now mark this 'Resolved'.
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    Jan 23, 2014

    Hard reset is always the trick that does some magic.
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    I really want to know your secret! How, in 5 years of use, have you never had to do a hard reset on you iPod? I use 3 iPods regularly and probably do at least one a month. I gotta be doin' something wrong! Or you got a really good one.
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    Actually, both of my iPods (the 80GB classic and the 64GB iTouch - which is four years old) have never needed a hard reset. Until now…...

    Having just gone out and bought a brand new (160GB) classic (which works beautifully - for now, and scrolls exquisitely unlike the increasingly sluggish 80GB classic), I now have three working iPods. One of them always travels everywhere with me - I'm old-school, and like the idea of having my entire music library on a single device.

    Actually, even the iTouch was bought because a dead classic needed to be replaced, - the device has been used mainly for music - and the ones in the store at the time lacked sufficient memory; replacements would have taken a week to arrive, and I was travelling abroad for a few months the following day.

    It is possible that I 'got' a really good one, and I was delighted to have done so. As it happened, I have had three classics die of the classic disease (each while till under warranty), HDD failure. All were replaced without any bother, which, in turn, was one of the key reasons I switched to Apple computers; thus, I'm a classic example of the 'halo' effect of the iPod in action.

    Anyway, thanks for posting, both of you, and I shall remember 'hard reset' for ever more.

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