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Feb 4, 2006
Presumably you don't have a photo of your logic board ?

Going to be tricky to prove anything - how old was the MacBook - was it more recent than late 2007 ?

It may be a coincidence (but extremely unlikely) that he is selling a board that matches the specs of the one you sold....

Apple boards have a barcode sticker on them but not sure if Apple could match that up to a serial number or not


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Apr 23, 2010
Hi logana,

I don't have a photo unfortunately. Otherwise this would be simple :).

A board that matches the specs and also has the exact same issue of outputting display only to an external monitor? I'm doubtful, haha.

That's an interesting idea about the logic board sticker. I was hoping there would be a database somewhere that would spit out some meaningful info with respect to that serial number, but there doesn't seem to be such a service. I don't know if Apple would care enough to weigh in, but it's probably worth a shot.

Thanks for the ideas!


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Feb 24, 2009
Toronto, Ontario
Few things you could actually look for. Assuming it's a unibody MacBook, the serial number should be printed somewhere (check around the RAM slots). I'm sure this is applicable to older MacBook's but I just don't know where to look. Second, check the serial number once you're in OS X through "About This Mac". This won't necessarily prove anything as the scammer, if clever, could've had a logic board with a blank serial number and then flashed it with yours but I doubt it because a few things would have had to happen. So your best bet is to check the logic board for your serial number - that's something they couldn't change, IIRC, it's not a sticker of your serial number, it's actually printed.